January 11 introduction

January 18 materialities of publishing
Readings: “The Medium’s Two Bodies“, Transmitting Culture. Regis Debray. pp 1–8.
Like Mushrooms” (Ben Morea and Emory Douglas), On the Ground. Sean Stewart ed.
Discussion: What is the “material act of transmitting” according to Debray, and how is it different from communication more broadly conceived? Briefly sketch an account of the design origins of Black Mask and The Black Panther as transmission narratives.
Assignment: Briefly research each of the case study publications, and pick the three you’d be most interested in researching further. Email me your three choices by Mon Jan 23.

January 25 print specifics
Readings: “A History of Alternative Publishing” from Post-Digital Print. Alessandro Ludovico.
Dead medium: The Copy Press, the Hektograph, Edison’s Electric Pen, Zuccato’s Trypograph, Gestetner’s Cyclostyle, Dick-Edison Mimeograph, the Gammeter aka Multigraph, the Varityper, the IBM Selectric“. Darryl Rehr.
Pro Domo Nostra“, Minima Moralia, Theodor Adorno.
Socialism: A Life-Cycle“. Regis Debray. pp 5–12.
Discussion: Some general co-ordinates: In what ways does print uniquely make possible forms of socialist politics (Debray)? What are some aesthetic and social consequences of the medium-specific qualities of mimeograph, offset, and xerox (Ludovico)? If print is in a late or obsolescent stage, what new political uses might it thereby have nowadays; and what new aesthetic forms (Adorno)?

February 1 literary experiments, art spaces
Readings: “The Magazine as an Alternative Space“, Artists’ Magazines: An Alternative Space for Art, Gwen Allen.
Pre-Face“, A Secret Place on the Lower East Side. Jerome Rothenberg
The Plain Edition: Gertude Stein and Modernist Book History“. Sarah Stone.

February 8 scene report: London
Visit to Ryerson and Burnham Libraries, Art Institute of Chicago
Readings: “Anarchy and the 1960s“. Autonomy, Richard Hollis.
London“, Clip Stamp Fold: The Radical Architecture of Little Magazines. Beatriz Colomina, Craig Buckley (eds.). pp 20-36. This book is available in the reading room of the SoA office.
First research bibliographies due

February 15 DIY ethics and the figure of the amateur
Readings: “Amateurs Rush In“, Paper Knowledge. Lisa Gitelman.
Toward an Insurrection of the Published? Ten Thoughts on Ticks & Comrades“. Stevphen Shukaitis.

February 22 scene report: New York
Readings: selections from On The Ground. Sean Stewart.
Introduction“, Queer Zines, AA Bronson.
Up Is Up, But So Is Down: New York’s Downtown Literary Scene, 1974-1992. Brandon Stosuy, ed. pp 15-88.

March 1
Research Presentations 1

March 8
Research Presentations 2

March 15 publics and counter-publics: constitutive circularities
Readings: “Publics and Counterpublics“. Michael Warner. pp 49-55, 82–89.

March 22
Spring Break

March 29 punk and what follows
Readings: “Scissors and Glue: Punk Fanzines and the Creation of a DIY Aesthetic“, Journal of Design History. Teal Triggs.
Zines“, Notes from Underground: Zines and the Politics of Alternative Culture. Stephen Duncombe.
Project proposal draft due

April 5 punk/samizdat
Readings: “Samizdat as Extra-Gutenberg Phenomenon“. Ann Komaromi. pp 629–638.
Readings: “Graphics Incognito“, Dot Dot Dot 12. Mark Owens.
Work plan and concept sketches due

April 12 theorizing a communist media form
Readings: “Communist objects and the values of printed matter“. from Social Text, 2010. Nicholas Thoburn.
Work in-progress presentations 1

April 19 theorizing a communist media form, double-take
Readings: Communist objects and small press pamphlets. from Anti-Book. Nicholas Thoburn. pp 61-85 (and more if you like).
Work in-progress presentations 2

Presentations of publications, listening party, etc.