Reading Further

An ad-hoc set of links for further research

The Campus Underground Press, Liza Featherston

Exhaustive list of IWW pamphlets

Cold off the Press. Classic Anarchist pamphlets and journals.

Collected Writings. A Short History of the Art Magazine. Emily King.

The Power of the Small Press: On Self-publishing in the Digital Age

The R.F Kampfer Revolutionary Literature Archive

Ryerson and Burnham Libraries Tumblr

Not the New York Times, Stephen Hiltner

Fanzines in Vitrines, Sam Lefebvre

Get Off My Cloud!, Paul Williams, editor’s introduction to first issue of Crawdaddy!

Circulation and Withdrawal, Part 1 and Part 2 by Simon Sheikh

Mental health zines

Interview with Ben Morea (Black Mask)

First issue of “Le Libérateur”. Auguste Blanqui. 1834.

Jacket2 reissues of poetry and poetics mags

Jeff Bale reflects on Maximum Rock N Roll

Solidarity! Revolutionary Center and Radical Library

The Black Panther, Newspaper of the Black Panther Party

OZ magazines (67–73, London)

The New Left printing renaissance of the 1960s – and beyond

Left Matrix: CURATORIAL STUDIES RESEARCH LIBRARY: periodicals, documents, publications

Artist Magazines: An Alternative Space. Gwen Allen. MIT Press, 2011.

On the Ground: An Illustrated Anecdotal History of the Sixties Underground Press in the U.S., Sean Stewart (ed.).

90s zines

PDFS of independent literary publications from 70s to 90s, from Jacket 2‘s reissue series.


A Secret Location On The Lower East Side: Adventures in Writing 1960-1980. Steven Clay and Rodney Philips, eds.


punk zines

Rock Scene

Ryerson and Burnham libraries, School of the Art Institute at Chicago

Monoskop, a wiki for collaborative studies of art, media and the humanities.

Gandalf’s Garden

more to come